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  • Pro-Health Enamel Strong Toothpaste

    Strengthens enamel and protects your teeth from acids in everyday food

    Protect, strengthen and enhance your smile with Oral-B Pro Health Advanced fluoride toothpastes. Whether you're looking for a deeper clean, tooth whitening, better protection of enamel, or fresher breath, each Oral-B Pro Health Advanced paste is clinically proven to deliver stronger teeth and healthier gums starting from day 1. Formulated with Active Strength technology and containing stannous fluoride, the toothpaste strengthens your teeth on the inside, whilst protecting them on the outside from acids in everyday foods.

    - Fight Tartar - Fight Cavities - Fight Bad Breath
    - Promote Gum Health - Prevent Enamel Erosion
    - Fight Harmful Plaque
    - Whiten Teeth by Removing Surface Stains